Accounting Strings (Chart of Accounts)

FY23 Accounting Strings

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Accounting Strings/Chartfields

In PeopleSoft, chartfields are specific data fields that make up the accounting string. They are used to categorize and track financial transactions for reporting purposes. 

George Fox accounting strings consist of:

Required Chartfields

The following chartfields are required for any financial transaction at George Fox University:   

Five-digit chartfield that represents the type of the transaction
Example: 54500 is supplies, and 52000 is travel.

Five-character chartfield that represents the source of funds (where the money comes from). This determines restrictions.
Examples: Fund 10000 is the unrestricted operating fund. The majority of transactions are coded here. Funds that start with 1XXXX are special operation funds, which are also unrestricted. Funds that start with 3XXXX are gift/grant funds, which are restricted in nature. 

Six-digit chartfield that identifies who is responsible for the budgeted expenditures. This is where people work.
Example: Department 54000 is Athletics

Five-character chartfield that further identifies an activity within a department. This is what people do.
Example: AT205 is the football program within the athletic department.

Operating Unit
Three-character chartfield that can classify location or delivery method 
Example: NBG is Newberg, and ONL is online.

Optional Chartfields

There are also optional chartfields for additional information about a transaction that can be used by an individual department. Finance creates these chartfields but does not monitor them because they are not used for official financial reporting. Departments may find them helpful for internal reporting.

Up-to-15 character chartfield used to group a number of expenditures for a particular purpose/project, primarily used by Plant Services.
Example: Finance remodel

Up-to-15 character field to classify expenses into groups of transactions that are important to the department, but not necessary for the financial statements.
Example: 365J is a Juniors Abroad trip code.

Building Code
Three-character code used by Plant Services to classify expenditures for various areas of the campus.