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This handbook addresses academic policies and procedures at George Fox University. It should be noted that this handbook does not encompass all aspects and functions of this educational community, nor does it serve as a legal document or contract. Rather, it offers guidance that complements the current graduate and undergraduate catalogs, the Student Handbook, and the Employee Handbook.

Proposals for revising the handbook can be initiated at any time by any unit of the faculty, administration, or Board of Trustees and will be reviewed in the annual update of the Handbook that will occur each June. Part Three: Conditions and Benefits of Faculty Service reflects the terms of faculty service and must receive approval from the Board of Trustees. Other revisions in the handbook are adopted through documented actions of the Vice President's Operations Team, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, or the Board of Trustees. These actions follow consultations with the units of the university most affected by the changes.

Table of Contents

Part One: A Brief History of George Fox University

Part Two: The Administration of George Fox University

Part Three: Conditions and Benefits of Faculty Service

Part Four: Instructional Services and Faculty Guidelines

Appendix A: Conditions and benefits of Faculty Service: Library

Appendix B: Conditions and benefits of faculty service: Non-Tenure-Track

Appendix C: Instructions for faculty growth plan

Appendix D: The Portfolio - For Faculty Peer Evaluation

Appendix E: George fox University Course Syllabus

Appendix F: Guidelines for Faculty Response to Academic Integrity Issues

Appendix G: Procedures for Appealing an Academic Disciplinary Action

Appendix H: Procedures for Appealing a Course Grade

Appendix I: Privacy, Confidentiality, and FERPA