Youth Ministry Minor

Minor Requirements

18-19 credit hours

Complete the following:

A study of biblical principles of evangelism, nurturing, and teaching. This study encompasses the Christian educational responsibilities of the local church and parachurch agencies.
A study of motivation, guidance, and method in reference to youth and youth ministries, aimed at developing leadership skills.
A study of some of the major trends and issues confronting and shaping young people in American culture today. A premium is placed upon developing the tools to interact with these realities as Christians in ministry and to recognize ways in which youth culture both hinders and fosters opportunities for ministry to young people.
A practical course providing methods and introductory techniques for preparation and delivery of Christian speaking as ministry. A variety of message construction types will be studied, and students will have opportunity to speak and receive student and instructor evaluation. This course will cover sermon preparation and delivery, devotional and inspirational speaking, extemporaneous sharing, and broader aspects of communicating Christian truth.
This advanced course will focus on contemporary issues relevant to the research interests and specialties of George Fox University faculty in Christian Ministries and will offer an opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate in the dual process of research and personal transformation. Specific topics rotate, and the course can be taken more than once with different topics. Prerequisites: THEO 101 The Bible and THEO 102 Christianity, or by instructor permission.
Supervised internship or other experience in the areas of Christian ministry, biblical studies, philosophy, teaching, or other related fields as appropriate to the student’s discipline. Administered by application or instructor permission as required by a student’s academic program. Graded Pass/No Pass