Bachelors (BA) in History


The history major and the history major with politics concentration are 42-semester-hour courses of study. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be upper-division courses. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in history or a BA in history with a politics concentration will:

  • Have a heightened appreciation of history and politics in a variety of contexts
  • Articulate how the Christian faith can inform the study of history and politics
  • Analyze primary and secondary sources, various forms of media, and material culture
  • Analyze multiple perspectives and changing contexts
  • Articulate facts/findings in coherent, compelling narratives

Major Requirements

Core requirements (9 hours)

Complete the following:
This course examines the history of the United States and Europe from 1750 to the present day. It critically explores the rise of the ideas of freedom, equality, and justice, while asking what role did the Christian faith, and the courage to express it, have in the formation of the modern and postmodern world?
This course examines research, writing, and presentation skills as well as diving deeper into the foundational approaches to knowledge in history and politics. In addition, this class will explore career preparation and opportunities open to students in these fields.
The course examines the methods professional historians use in writing history and the main currents in American historiography through the reading of America's most influential historians. Working closely with the instructor, students are required to write a research paper based on primary sources. The paper will be permanently retained by the history faculty.

Electives (33 hours)

Complete the following:

History (HIST) Course Descriptions

Complete additional 6 hours of the following:

History (HIST) and Politics (PSCI) Course Descriptions

Optional Politics Concentration (33 hours)

Complete the following:

Politics (PSCI) Course Descriptions

Complete 6 additional hours of the following:

History (HIST) and Politics (PSCI) Course Descriptions