Bachelors (BA) in History


The history major offers a 36-semester-hour course of study. A minimum of 21 semester hours must be upper-division courses. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in history will:

  • Have a heightened appreciation of the history, culture and context of all peoples
  • Articulate how the Christian faith can inform the study of history
  • Analyze primary and secondary historical literature, various forms of historic media, and material culture
  • Apply advanced research skills to develop independent conclusions and effectively argue these conclusions
  • Think, write and speak analytically
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Major Requirements

Core requirements (12 hours)

Complete the following:

An introduction to the basic skills, methods, and resources of historical scholarship; the types of historical literature and scholarship; Christian foundations for historical interpretation; historical schools of interpretation; and the uses of historical scholarship.
The course examines the methods professional historians use in writing history and the main currents in American historiography through the reading of America's most influential historians. Working closely with the instructor, students are required to write a research paper based on primary sources. The paper will be permanently retained by the history faculty.

Choose one of the following:

A survey of Western civilization from the ancient world through the Reformation and religious wars, including attention to the origins and development of religious, political, and economic life and ideas.
A survey of European civilization from early modern Europe to the present day. Special attention is given to the political, economic, and religious developments that continue to influence European society and its role in world events.

Choose one of the following:

The first half of a two-semester survey of American history. The course surveys historical development from human origins in North America through the founding of the United States to the end of the Civil War.
The second half of a two-semester survey of American history. The course surveys historical development in the United States beginning with Reconstruction of the nation during and after the Civil War and continuing through contemporary times.

Electives (24 hours)

Complete the following:

History (HIST) Course Descriptions