Sessions and Credits

Academic Sessions and Credits

The academic year at George Fox University is divided into two semesters of 16 weeks. In addition, the university operates a summer session that is required for some programs and optional for others.

The unit of credit is the semester hour, represented by 50 minutes of instruction each week for 16 weeks plus 2 hours of work outside of class each week. One credit unit for prior learning or for courses or classes offered in different formats (hybrid and online courses, intensives, labs, dissertation, etc.) represents the equivalent learning of that of the traditional semester hour (approximately 45 hours of engagement).

Credit for all courses is indicated in semester hours. All student requirements, advancements, and classifications are based on these units.

In addition to traditional course formats, some courses are offered online, or partially online (hybrid). Some programs are offered through a cohort model in which small groups of students are enrolled in class together through the entire program.

Credit  for  Applied  Lessons  and  Ensemble  Courses 

Credit  for  applied  lessons  and  ensemble  courses  is  awarded  as  follows:   

  • Applied  lessons:  Students  may  enroll  for  either  one  30-­minute  applied  lesson  per  week  for  .5  credit,  or  one  60-­minute  applied  lesson  per  week  for  1  credit,  with  13  lessons  per  semester.  Although  individual  applied  instructors’  studio  policies  vary,  a  minimum  of  three  hours  practice  per  week  is  assumed.  
  • Ensemble  courses:  Students  may  enroll  for  ensembles  for  credit  as  follows: 
    • Major  ensembles  (Concert  Choir  MUSA125C/325C,  Symphonic  Band  MUSA145B/345B  and  Chehalem  Symphony  Orchestra  MUSA155/355)  may  be  taken  for  0,  1  or  2  credits.  These  ensembles  rehearse  between  120  and  300  minutes  per  week  and  have  substantial  involvement  outside  of  class  time. 
    • Other  ensembles  may  be  taken  for  0  or  1  credit.  These  ensembles  rehearse  less  time  per  week  and  have  less  out-­of-­class  involvement. 
    • The  zero-­credit  option  is  available  so  that  students  can  participate  in  ensembles  and  still  have  it  show  on  their  college  transcripts.