Love a good detective story? You’re in luck, as the George Fox University theatre program is poised to present The Potting Shed  by Graham Greene this fall! 

Theatre students presenting

"What is that?" is the question we get from nearly 100 percent of the people we’ve told about our upcoming show. 

This little-known play, directed by Ben Tissell, discusses the complex tensions between faith, doubt, atheism, and miracles in the context of an intense and mysterious family drama. In our director’s words …

"The Potting Shed is a taut, engrossing drama that unfolds like a detective story as James Callifer begins unearthing his long-buried past. A play about belief, family secrets, and what happens when miracles break in uninvited."

The George Fox theatre department strives to share stories of faith, hope, and love.  The Potting Shed addresses the tension between these concepts and doubt through beautifully flawed relationships and complex characters.

"It’s rich, real, raw and a deep exploration of the complexities of faith and family," Ben says. "It's a perfect story for our curious, intelligent, Christ-centered community. We are all in the process of excavating our experiences, our world, and our faith, looking for the hand of God. This play begins with earthy human reality but discovers God around every corner."  

Whether it was the intellectual, artistic, and spiritual challenges of the play, the atmosphere created by the director, or simply the department’s reputation for quality storytelling, there were many reasons our actors were drawn to be part of this story. Regardless of the reason, the heart of this play is complex human relationships.

Theatre students presenting

Why come see it?

"It’s one of the most hopeful and honest discussions of faith I've ever encountered," Ben says. "Anyone who has ever wondered how God is involved with the real circumstances of our lives will find The Potting Shed intriguing, hopeful and helpful. Anyone who has tried to find meaning in their experience will find it a guide and companion for their journey."

The Potting Shed poses many questions but provides no definitive answers. As in real life, doubt isn’t solved with a single piece of information. Faith is a journey. This play follows only a piece of one family’s quest for truth.

We invite you to walk a part of the path with us and maybe uncover some truth along the way!

The Potting Shed opens on Thursday, Oct. 26, with a preview on Wednesday, Oct. 25. More information about the play and details about showtimes and tickets are available through our Box Office website.

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