Casey Martin

Instructor of Interior Design

Director of Internships and Practicum Experience

Teaching & Research Areas

  • Space Planning
  • Sustainable Design
Casey Martin

Casey Martin joined the university as an instructor of interior design in 2021. In the year prior she worked as an adjunct instructor in the department, teaching Materials and Resources, Interior Foundations, and courses on building codes and building systems.

She also taught several interior design courses at Portland Community College during that year, and since 2011 she has practiced commercial interior design through her own company, Reverie Design Studio, specializing in school and commercial office design. Also, since 2009, Casey has worked as a designer and LEED project manager for projects in Hawaii and South Korea as an interior designer at Mitsunaga & Associates.

Previously, she was an interior design instructor at the Art Institute of Portland (2015-18), from which she also earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design (2009). She lives in Portland with her husband, Nick.

Recently, Casey was featured in an article on the Heartwork site, in which she discusses her role in creating a design for a forward-thinking STEAM classroom where the next generation of medical students could begin to explore their passions for the healthcare sciences. Heartwork is a commercial furniture manufacturer that specializes in creating designs for modern workspaces for creative cultures.