Makerspace announcement

The College of Engineering has a fully equipped makerspace - the Maker Hub - in the recently renovated Klages Center, which added 16,000 SF to its facilities. Such makerspaces, or "hackspaces," are DIY spaces where people gather to create, invent and learn.  

Our expansion created senior design studios, team meeting rooms, an additional computer lab, an enlarged machine shop, a wood shop, a welding room, printed circuit board fabrication, 3D printing enhancements, electronics test equipment, and a dedicated space for laser engraving, prototyping and painting.  This past year the facilities were used to create face shields for university staff and regional medical personnel.

Wood-Mar Hall

The engineering offices and labs are primarily housed in Wood-Mar Hall. Additional labs are housed in the adjoining Edwards-Holman Science Center, including physics and computer labs, and in Klages Center. Outfitted with the latest engineering equipment and software, we're prepared to give you the experience needed to excel in engineering. These are the dedicated engineering lab spaces, providing our undergraduates with direct exposure to test instruments and measurement techniques:

  • Biomedical Laboratory
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory
  • Circuits/Electronics Laboratory
  • Construction Laboratory
  • Controls/Motors Laboratory
  • Energy Systems Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Mechanics and Materials Engineering Laboratory
  • Microwave/RF Engineering Laboratory
  • Water Resources Engineering Laboratory