Counseling Staff

Bill Buhrow

, PsyD

Dean of Student Services

Director, Health and Counseling Services

Licensed Psychologist

Specialties & Research Areas: College Student Mental Health, Integration, Marriage, Trauma



Luann Foster

Luann Foster, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist


Molly Hickok

Molly Hickok

Administrative Assistant


Chris Spromberg

Chris Spromberg, PsyD

Resident Psychologist

Stephanie Burkhard

Stephanie Burkhard, BA

Courtney Chapin

Courtney Chapin, MA

Kami Naber

Kami Naber, MA

Lori Napier

Lori Napier, MA

Ross Renfroe

Ross Renfroe, MA

Sean Robertson

Sean Robertson, MA

Carl Sallee

Carl Sallee, MA

Whitney Standal

Whitney Standal, BA

Krysta Young

Krysta Young, MA