Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin 2.0 with MaryKate Morse

Portland Seminary is pleased to announce that Dr. MaryKate Morse will serve as the Lead Mentor for the seminary’s revised and updated Leadership and Spiritual Formation Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program, beginning Aug. 31, 2015. Dr. Morse will provide overall direction for all elements of the program, teach four of the program's courses, and guide and facilitate the face-to-face Retreats located at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

MAP Team: Darla, John, Adam, and Karlyn

For Dr. Morse, doctoral work for ministry leaders is not just an opportunity to gain more knowledge, but an experience of personal and professional renewal during the next stage of a leader’s life. As the new Lead Mentor, Dr. Morse’s deep passion is to “create a safe environment for experienced leaders to explore their souls, challenge their minds, and to solve problems in community.”

As a leadership coach, spiritual director, strategic planner, and church planter, Dr. Morse has seen first-hand the great need for renewal in leaders. Experienced leaders can get stuck in a rut. Surrounded by constant stimulation with little space for inner reflection, leaders need a place to explore who they are and what they are called to be in the phase of their professional lives: “I’m creating an environment where people can explore themselves, address a problem, and help their organization or denomination to thrive.” 

Designed to assist leaders in their unique journeys, the program has four main themes: 

  • The leader’s inner world – Students will reflect afresh on who they are as leaders, as people of faith, their skills and challenges, and will create a sustainable life plan. 
  • Leadership and spiritual formation literature – Students will explore historical, biblical, and theoretical research on formation and leadership to expand understanding and create fresh imagination for leadership and formation.
  • Personal and organizational transformation – Students will engage with current research on the physical, relational, cultural, and spiritual complexities of transformation processes for individuals and for organizations.
  • The role of art and culture in change – Students will explore the impact of art, culture, and the environment on healthy leadership and authentic formation.

The themes are woven throughout weekly online coursework and chats, and during the five one-week retreats on the Oregon coast, the fifth being a newly added writing retreat. Surrounded by a supportive community of 15-20 people, the retreats create space for connection experiences, time with special guests, and for students to share in spiritual formation groups. 

Additionally, the revised Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin program has added a series of four 'customized courses' that allow students, under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor, to pursue topics related to their research. These courses provide students a space to do base research for their dissertations as well as sharpen their academic writing skills. Dr. Morse hopes these topics will give them a chance “to research a pressing concern that impacts their work and calling."

If you’re looking for an environment where you can ask questions, deepen your faith, and explore new avenues of growth; if you’re someone with passion for spiritual formation and Spirit-filled leadership; and if you are dedicated to making a difference in your ministry environment, then this is the degree for you. Come and ask with us, “How do you live an ordered life in a disordered world?” and “What does it mean to be whole in Christ?” Such a journey will create new possibilities for you and those you lead.

Learn more about the Leadership and Spiritual Formation Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program.

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