Len Sweet to lead Preaching as Story DMin

Innovative preaching for a Google Generation.

Portland Seminary, in partnership with Lead Mentor Dr. Leonard (Len) Sweet, is pleased to offer an exclusive, one-time Preaching As Story Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program opportunity! Beginning August 31, 2015, one cohort of 15 students will engage in an innovative approach to preaching.

Dr. Sweet is widely recognized as one of the premier homelicians in the United States. Len’s groundbreaking book, Giving Blood: A Fresh Paradigm for Preaching, brings preaching back into the realm of sacramental act, and addresses preaching as an interactive, participatory, metaphorical medium for facilitating relationship between congregation and Christ, where the sermon does not give answers so much as opens doors to personal experience and spiritual conversion.

The program celebrates Dr. Sweet's 30 years of preaching and teaching and 1500 published sermons. Len has spent years creating worship resources for pastors using interactive media, such as google, twitter, touchables, and audio/visuals. Now students can have the opportunity to study with Len and to learn about how he sees preaching for our current culture as a communicative and sacramental act.

The Preaching as Story DMin program will train pastors, church planters, and missional leaders in an innovative preaching paradigm that focuses on doing image-exegesis, building a sermon using metaphor and story, and delivering a sermon in an EPIC (experiential, participatory, image-rich, and connective) style. 

The 36 hour, 3 year program launches August 31, 2015. Students will take 6 courses with Dr. Sweet, pursue personalized preaching-related research under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor, and complete a dissertation in the third year. Each week students will engage with their cohort of peers in real-time and asynchronous work and join Dr. Sweet in-person at Portland, OR, and Orcas Island, WA.

Dr. Sweet plans to explore working with the cohort on a team doctoral project to produce a new story lectionary that tells the entire story of the bible rather than isolated pericopes.

Learn more about the Preaching As Story Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program.

Have questions? Contact our Admissions Counselor, Ty Sohlman, at tsohlman@georgefox.edu or 503-554-6122.