Preparation for passionate communication of the Scripture Story

Len Sweet

“People forget that when Jesus quoted the scriptures he didn’t quote them in verses,” says Leonard Sweet, professor and founder of As a result of taking a verse-by-verse approach to teaching the Bible, preachers have “failed to go through the whole story of the Bible as one whole narrative,” says Sweet, and the result is that Christians are the keepers of “the greatest story never told.”

Len’s own passion for preaching was influenced from an early age by his mother, who was also an ordained preacher.

“I saw her drawing arrows and flipping from one story to another…I saw her reading scripture in a holistic way,” Sweet recalls. Len’s mother also taught him that being a preacher was synonymous with being passionate about the scriptures.

“There was no such thing for mother as a boring sermon… If you weren’t passionate you had no right to preach… the ultimate sermon prep that you had to do every week was ‘preparation of the preacher.’”

Preparation for passionate communication of the story of Scripture is what the new website aims to do. Every week there will be a fresh standard lectionary sermon and a fresh story sermon based on image-exegesis. There will also be an accompanying “preacher’s playlist” every week for use during sermon crafting by Colleen Butcher (’13 DMin).

Len Sweet

Every day leads to a new discovery in the Scriptures for Len and he hopes this website will help people communicate their discoveries in an image-rich way. In conjunction with the Portland Seminary Doctor of Ministry in Preaching the Story, Len want to help people communicate the Scriptures in the language of their culture; which is “metaphor and narrative set to a soundtrack,” says Sweet.

The website is a resource not only for preachers, but for anyone interested in further Bible study from the approach of image-exegesis.

“This is a site that helps you to live the story,” says Sweet, “and one that helps everyone live the story.”

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