Dr. Nijay Gupta Accepts New Position

An announcement from Dr. Nam:


Dear seminary community,

It is with a mix of emotions that I announce that Dr. Nijay Gupta, Associate Professor of New Testament, will be leaving George Fox University/Portland Seminary at the end of the academic year to accept a position at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. Dr. Gupta has faithfully served the university mission for five years as a dedicated teacher and productive scholar in both academic and public-facing outlets. I would like to highlight two of his recent publications. With Scot McKnight, he co-edited The State of New Testament Studies (Baker), which gives a concise update on the state of New Testament scholarship from an outstanding, diverse assemblage of scholars. In his latest work, Paul and the Language of Faith (Eerdmans), Dr. Gupta contributes to the ongoing discussion on the nature of faith, by drawing deeper ties between Pauline discourse and its Jewish origins.

I have particularly appreciated Dr. Gupta’s dedication to communities of faith. He embodies the ideal of Portland Seminary as an institution that integrates biblical studies scholarship into the leadership of congregations. He has been a regular speaker in local churches. In the last year, he joined the principal team to support the Lilly Endowment funded, Thriving Pastors Initiative.

We wish him well as he enters a new setting at Northern Seminary. Dr. Gupta will continue to live in the Portland area, and you will be able to see him teaching at Riversgate Church. Later in the semester, we will hold a more public farewell to Dr. Gupta to honor his faithful service to the university.

Roger S. Nam

Dean of the Seminary