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Portland Seminary Professors and Students to Present at Missio Alliance Gathering

Presenters MaryKate Morse, Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation, and Tammy Dunahoo, Vice President of U.S. Operations, General Supervisor; The Foursquare Church, will join host A.J. Swoboda, Adjunct Professor and Senior Pastor of Theophilus Church, for the Missio Alliance North American Gathering on April 27 - 29, 2017 at the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Portland Seminary is a Platinum Co-Sponsoring Partner of the event. Other notable presenters are N.T. Wright, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Greg Boyd, and Ruth Padilla DeBorst.

Overview From Missio Alliance:

The Holy Spirit.

Promised by Jesus in the Gospel accounts, progressively demonstrated throughout the book of Acts, and at the very core of Paul’s own message and ministry, the Holy Spirit is the presence and power of God at work among us unto the redemption, reconciliation, and recreation of all things. As those joined to Christ by the Holy Spirit, the Church lives as the community of the Holy Spirit and thus the means through which God is furthering his mission in the world through the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, over the last hundred years in Western Protestantism, the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit has either been relegated to obscurity or confined to a handful of streams of the Church. The result is that much of the Church operates without a practical theology of the Holy Spirit for the whole of life.

However, in this new era of mission after Christendom, we observe that many are experiencing different kinds of “awakenings,” which call our attention back to the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit of God among us. It's not surprising that the predominant interaction of the early church with the Spirit was for mission. Ours should be the same.

Join us, at Missio Alliance’s Third North American Gathering, as for a fresh engagement with the person and work of the Holy Spirit and explore how such an engagement might advance the mission of God among our congregations, through our ministries, and in our own lives.