Gaby Viesca Hired as Director of Strategic Planning & Outreach


Erica Ramirez
"I'm thrilled to be partnering with such a great team of faculty and staff as we come alongside students in their journey of transformation." - Gaby Viesca

The Seminary team is excited to announce the hiring of Gaby Viesca as Director of Strategic Planning and Outreach. Gaby will provide leadership in strategic thinking and planning for ensuring long-term viability of degree and certificate programs at the Seminary. 

Gaby was born and raised in Mexico and has been living in Portland for the last five years, serving in pastoral ministry. She holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (Regent University) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business (Universidad de las Americas) and is the current chair of the Evangelical Studies Unit at the American Academy of Religion. Gaby has served in a variety of ministry roles including preaching and teaching, helping the church cast and implement their vision, training and equipping pastors and lay leaders, and mobilizing the congregation to fully participate in the life and mission of the church. Before entering the pastorate, she worked in the Office of Global Affairs for Regent University as an International Programs Strategist. Gaby also has an international business background, having worked in in a consulting firm in the city of Puebla, Mexico, providing business coaching and strategy to young entrepreneurs in addition to designing global business strategies for General Electric and developing supply chain programs that were implemented worldwide.

Gaby's research interests include exploring the intersections between history, theology, and culture in Latin America; the border conflict between US and Mexico; and post-colonial thought. 

Welcome, Gaby!



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