Willamette Prairie Native Plant Initiative

Trillium Plant

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."
Psalm 24:1

One of God’s ways of showing His great love towards us [people] was by placing us [humans] in a garden [world] that sustains us; that gives us life. We [humans] have a responsibility to treat “our place” with intentional care in the best meaning of the word stewardship. We do that by maintaining and protecting the diverse populations making up our world. That diversity provides the variability that allow us to survive diseases and to thrive.

Native prairie is a vanishing habitat (and genome pool) within the Willamette Valley. No one understands its whole value, but we do know that these prairies used to be widely spread up and down the valley, providing food sources and habitat for many kinds of animals. Two forms of butterfly solely dependent on that habitat have caught the public’s attention in the last few years; the Monarch butterfly and the Fenders Blue butterfly. What other secrets does this understudied “remnant” habitat hold?

The Willamette Valley is our place. The diversity within this valley is ours to steward. Let’s recognize that our limited knowledge is not to be treated as “full” truth, but do our part to preserve and study this remnant, appreciate its diversity an discover its full relationship to us.

Oregon Field Guide and George Fox University
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