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Google Workspace for George Fox is a free suite of cloud-hosted collaboration applications exclusively for schools and universities. It provides a collaborative workspace using Google Workspace that allows users to share documents, create and manage project/team calendars, create websites hosted by Google, send email, and organize information. This service is provided under a University contract with Google that provides data privacy and security protections and exemption from sales and marketing activities. All students will keep their full Google Workspace account when they leave the University and a Google Workspace account is provided for all alumni.

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The core suite of Google Workspace For George Fox services is:

  • Gmail - Web-based email with unlimited cloud storage (sending limits apply)
  • Contacts - Online address book
  • Calendar - Online calendar to organize your schedule and share events with colleagues
  • Drive - Unlimited online storage (Cloud) for your files as well as management of your Google document, spreadsheet, presentation, forms, and drawing files, as well as creating and using Shared Drives. Store computer files, create files, share information, and work collaboratively.  You'll need to be logged in to your George Fox account in order to properly share Google Docs.
  • Groups - An e-mail and discussion group (similar to listserv)
  • Sites - Online app for creating a website collaboratively
  • Google Hangout is a popular video conferencing app and also great for text chat.
  • YouTube - part of your George Fox Google Workspace account, you can create your own channel

A convenient way to access George Fox Google Workspace with your web browser is go to This will open to the George Fox Single Sign on page. Once signed in to any one of the Google Workspace apps, you are automatically signed in to all of them.

Each of these services in the core suite is branded with the George Fox logo, and IT supports these services.


Using Google Products: How to use accessibility features

Consumer Level Services

For your convenience, you can access additional consumer level services.

Third-Party Clients

While you can use Gmail and Calendar in third-party clients, IT recommends that you use them in the native web environment for the full set of features. If you would like to set up your Gmail and Calendar on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), or Android devices, please refer to these provided setup guides. 

Additional Information

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