Strengths at George Fox

Strengths Integration and Programming at George Fox University

All incoming students take the StrengthsFinder assessment prior to beginning their first year at George Fox. This allows for a myriad of opportunities to engage students in developing their strengths during their time at the university. Below is an outline of Strengths integration and programming occurring throughout the academic year. Click the button below for your Strengths Profile and learn more about your specific area of strength. 

Strengths Profiles 

Welcome Weekend and First Year Experiences

When students arrive on campus for Welcome Weekend they’ll notice right away that their top five Strengths are posted on the door of their room. In fact, Resident Assistants (RAs) and Peer Advisors (PAs) receive Strengths training during their orientation as a means of equipping them to engage with new students in a variety of settings.

LIBA 100 Knowing and Being Known and Honors Program

Strengths-based programming is integrated into both LIBA 100 and HNRS 150 curriculum as a means of helping new students explore and develop how their unique strengths can impact their social, spiritual, academic and vocational pursuits.

Strengths Week

This is an exciting week focused on events, activities and workshops aimed at helping students live out their strengths in important ways. Highlights include a faculty panel, a Strengths photo booth and the popular Strengths Bash with activities and prizes that incorporate Strengths.

Academic Integration

Various classes and academic departments utilize Strengths to enhance the overall educational experience for students. Classes such as BUSN 110 Intro to Business or ARTD 100 Project Management and Design use Strengths as an engagement tool aimed at helping students more fully understand how their natural talents and abilities can be applied to high-functioning teams or work groups. Other courses such as MATH 490 Senior Seminar and LIBA 400 Engaging Christ in Transition integrate Strengths philosophy as students prepare for life after George Fox and the world of work.

Calling and Career Preparation

Beyond the classroom, Strengths play an important role as students consider career possibilities in light of their purpose and calling in life. The IDEA Center uses Strengths to engage students in career-related conversations and to guide students in assessing their knowledge and skills as they apply for internships and jobs. Additionally, the following career development courses integrate Strengths in the fabric of career readiness and professional development.

CPAS 214 Discover Your Calling

CPAS 216 Internships: Finding, Landing, and Succeeding

CPAS 318 Navigating College to Career