Cross-Cultural Ministry Minor

George Fox’s cross-cultural ministry minor literally gives you a world of options. Covering everything from medical missions and urban ministry to Bible translation and international missions work, this course of study will prepare you for a wide range of ministry opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

Think of the possibilities! You could pursue a calling to serve in the inner city, work abroad as a missionary, volunteer in the Peace Corps or serve as a Bible translator. Your core courses will cover foundational topics such as the biblical theology of mission, the historical development of the global church, issues and trends in contemporary mission, and contextual methods for cross-cultural ministry.

And here’s the best part: Your learning won’t be restricted to the classroom. In addition to the core classes, you’ll engage in practical cross-cultural ministry experiences through the semester abroad program or via internships in local churches, nonprofit organizations, or parachurch organizations.

students sitting on chairs under a tree on the campus quad

What will I Study?

Topics covered in our 18-semester-hour course of study include the following:

  • The biblical basis and history of missions, with a special focus upon the modern missionary movement of the last 200 years
  • Cross-cultural communication in Christian ministry, focusing on the concepts of identification, mutuality, the process of cultural change from a biblical perspective, and strategies for cross-cultural outreach
  • A comparative study between Christianity and other prominent religions of the world, such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and contemporary kinds of alternative religion
  • Selected movements, trends, and leaders of contemporary Christian missions
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Mat Hollen

I was taught to think critically and faithfully about the message of Jesus and how it impacts our lives, and I saw that truth lived out daily in my relationship with my professors. George Fox has left a lasting legacy on my spiritual life and my desire to do excellent biblical and cultural exegesis in order to demonstrate just how compelling Jesus is.