ESLA 005 Conversation Tutorial
1 hour. Each student is paired with an American student for conversation, orientation to life in a new culture, and optional academic tutoring. Pass/No Pass.

ESLA 050 Reading
4 hours. A course designed to teach basic reading skills and vocabulary.

ESLA 060 Writing and Grammar
4 hours. An introduction to the fundamental structure and vocabulary of the English language, focusing on the development of writing skills.

ESLA 080 Speaking and Listening
4 hours. A course designed to introduce and develop basic academic speaking and listening skills, with emphasis on conversation, discussion, and short speeches. Vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and cultural issues are addressed within the context of a variety of discussion topics. Listening laboratory is required.

ESLA 090 English by Video
2 hours. Offered spring semester. A practical course in which students develop English skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening based on various types of videos.

ESLA 150 Academic Reading
4 hours. This course concentrates on improving students' reading fluency through extensive reading of fiction and nonfiction books and systematic development of vocabulary, reading speed, and study skills. Reading lab and vocabulary lab are required.

ESLA 160 Writing and Grammar
4 hours. In this course, students develop fluency and clarity in expressive and narrative writing and in academic writing assignments, including a research paper. Students develop composing, revising, and editing skills in a workshop atmosphere. Grammar and usage, punctuation, spelling, and format are addressed during the editing process. A major goal is to improve keyboarding and word-processing skills.

ESLA 180 Speech, Listening, and Note-taking
4 hours. This course provides training and practice in academic speaking and listening. Students give various types of formal speeches and learn strategies for taking accurate and comprehensive notes from academic lectures.

ESLA 240 Adjunct Listening
3 hours. This course cultivates skills of listening and note-taking in academic lectures, including identifying main ideas and distinguishing supporting information, understanding relationships among ideas, and taking notes that reflect this understanding. Assignments are based on lectures from the general education course in which students are concurrently enrolled. Video lab and group tutorial are required.

ESLA 250 Adjunct Reading
3 hours. An intensive course to improve academic reading skills, including vocabulary, reading speed, reading strategies, and test taking. Assignments are based on class texts from the general education course in which students are concurrently enrolled. Reading lab and vocabulary lab are required.

ESLA 260 Academic Writing
5 hours. This course provides instruction and practice in the types of writing commonly found in college courses, including the research paper, essays and essay exams, and reaction papers. Process, organization, and mechanics are emphasized. Principles of advanced English grammar and usage are applied in writing assignments.

ESLA 280 Speech
3 hours. A practical course to help students improve their academic speaking skills, with emphasis on formal speeches, group presentations, small-group interaction, and pronunciation.

ESLA 281 Reading and Vocabulary for Academia
3 hours. In this course, students develop their ability to read a variety of academic texts in the liberal arts and professions, including textbooks, journal articles, and various literary genres. They increase their vocabulary, ability to comprehend complex syntax, reading rate, and comprehension.

ESLA 282 Writing and Research for Academia
5 hours. The goal of this course is facility in the conventions of academic writing in English, including the effective use of complex sentence structure, essay organization, academic vocabulary, and source material. Students develop research skills using library sources and effectively integrate findings into research essays by appropriately summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and citing sources.

ESLA 283 Speech and Listening for Academia
3 hours. This course builds fluency, grammatical and pronunciation accuracy, academic vocabulary, competence in classroom discourse, and oral presentation skills, as well as listening comprehension and note-taking skills for various styles of academic lectures and discussions.

ESLA 285 Selected Topics
3 hours. Occasional special courses chosen to fit the needs and interests of students interested in teaching English as a second language.

ESLA 295 Writing Tutorial
1 hour. Students in their first semester after completing the ELI and new students who score between 500 and 550 on the paper-based TOEFL, between 173 and 213 on the computer-based TOEFL, or between 61 and 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL meet individually with a faculty member to improve their ability to write in English and to develop more effective study strategies. Pass/No Pass.

ESLA 485 Selected Topics
3 hours. Occasional special courses chosen to fit the needs and interests of students interested in teaching English as a second language.