Health Minor

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Minor Requirements

18 credit hours

Complete the following:

Issues concerned with the use, misuse, and abuse of selected pharmacological agents. Social, psychological, physical, and moral implications are considered. Particular consideration is given to ergogenic aids in athletics.
A study of marriage and the family from a sociological perspective, including historical, cross-cultural, and economic backgrounds. A Christian faith perspective will emphasize the worth of people, the importance of the family as a place of nurture, and the gift of marriage. (Identical to HLTH 223.)
Instruction in first aid and safety and leading to certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR). Additional course fee is required.
A study of causes, symptoms, and results of stress. Introduces practical techniques to alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
A study of nutrients present in food and their relation to the nutritive needs of the human body. Emphasis on the young adult, along with discussion of contemporary nutrition-related topics of national and global concern. Computer-assisted dietary analysis included. (Identical to HLTH 300.)
A study of our nation's current health problems and concerns. Emphasis on health consumerism and current trends, diseases, the sanctity of life, and fitness. Goal is to develop an educated view on current health issues.
A seminar dealing with various topics as announced that represent current faculty interests and competencies.