Camping: Administrative Minor

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Minor Requirements

20 credit hours

Complete the following:

Accounting is the language of business. This course provides an introductory overview of accounting from a user perspective. Its purpose is to give students a basic understanding of the logic behind the principles of accounting, enabling them to prepare, read, analyze, and interpret financial statements for the purpose of decision making. Prerequisite: BUSN 110 and Sophomore standing or above.
This introductory survey will examine the major functional areas of business and afford the student an opportunity to consider this major as a path to a career. Emphasis is given to contemporary business concepts, in particular, and examination of business as a field for stewardship.
An exploration of the biblical foundations for a variety of outdoor activities available to individuals, families, church groups, and Christian camps. Of significant importance is a consideration of the potential that outdoor experiences have for teaching and learning. Additional course fee is required.
A camping overview: its historical development and philosophy. Types of camps, program activities, teaching-learning models, leadership recruitment, and training - with special emphasis on methods of camp counseling -are covered. Overnight campout is required. Additional course fee is required. (Identical to HHPE 370.)
Designed to develop a basic understanding of programming, business, and leadership at an administrative level. A weekend camping trip is required. Additional course fee is required. (Identical to HHPE 440.)
Supervised internship in areas of Christian ministry, with emphasis on application of methods learned. Prerequisite: upper-division students and by application. Pass/No Pass.
A study of the theory and practice of management. The course involves discussion and application of areas such as social responsibility, strategy, problem solving, communication, change, job performance, and financial/operational controls. Prerequisite or Co-requisite of BUSN 110 Introduction to Business