Bachelors (BA) in Interdisciplinary Studies: Biblical Studies


An interdisciplinary studies major may be elected through application and approval of the religious studies faculty. The student must show how the proposed major meets reasonable academic and vocational objectives. An interdisciplinary studies major in biblical studies consists of 48 semester hours – 24 hours as specified below and 24 hours in another major field.
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Major Requirements

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Biblical Studies (BIBL) Course Descriptions

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A study of the historical background and philosophical development in Christian education, with an examination of the influence of these antecedents upon theory and practice. Contemporary trends in current and emerging ministries will be assessed against such perspectives.
A study of the relationships of theology to Christian ministry. This course explores the ways in which particular theologies affect the practice of ministry in the church.

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As an introduction to Christian theology, this course considers the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and their application to contemporary living.

Religious studies (RELI) Course Descriptions

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