Student ID Cards

All admitted students are issued a George Fox University ID card. Students can obtain an ID card at the following locations during their normal hours of operation (by campus location):

  • IT (Institutional Technology) Department, third floor of Stevens Center, Newberg campus
  • Front Reception Desk, Portland Center

Student ID cards are required for:

  • Verification of identity to enrollment services offices
  • Basic identification on campus to security personnel
  • Checking out books from George Fox University libraries, requesting books from SUMMIT, and borrowing from other PORTALS and SUMMIT-member libraries
  • Eating on the university's food service plan
  • Entering the residence hall where they live
  • Scanning for attendance at Spiritual Formation activities (e.g., chapel)
  • Entrance to the Wheeler Sports Center and the Hadlock Student Center
  • Admission to athletics events
  • Other campus facilities not open to the public

Student Name

For more information about the student's name as required on the student ID card, please see the Student Name policy.

Theft or Loss of ID Card

The student ID card is nontransferable. By using the card, a student agrees to these published terms and conditions governing its use. Should the card become lost, immediately report it missing to the food service office during business hours of 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. Should it be stolen, please report the theft to security (ext. 2090), food service (ext. 2500), and the locksmith (ext. 2059). In addition, if lost, a meal voucher must be requested at the food service office until a new card is obtained. When an ID card is replaced the old card is automatically deactivated.

Care of Card

The ID card must be cared for throughout the length of stay at George Fox University. The magnetic encoding can be damaged if the strip is placed next to bank cards. Remember, do not punch holes in the card, do not affix stickers to the card. Cardholder keychains may be purchased through the University Store.

It is highly recommended to carry ID cards in a lanyard. Replacement cards will be charged to any students who have defaced the card or have obviously mistreated it.

ID Card Replacement

If the card becomes unusable, damaged or stolen, the student is responsible for the cost of replacement. Replacement photo ID cards are available in the locations listed above for a $20 fee, weekdays. IT accepts credit and debit cards for payment of fee. Call the IT department at 503-554-2569 for questions related to the use of the student ID card.