OAICU Cross-Registration

A full-time student (undergraduate) may take one course a semester for no additional tuition (if total credits do not exceed 18 semester hours) at one of the neighboring institutions in the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities (OAICU). Only courses not available at George Fox campus may be selected. Cross-registration is initiated by application through the registrar’s office. Registration requires approval by the registrar at both the host institution and George Fox University.

Cross-Registration Policies

  1. Students enrolled full-time at the home Alliance institution may be eligible to take a minimum of one undergraduate course per term at another Alliance campus. Exceptions to this policy must have approval of both campus registrars.
  2. No additional tuition will be charged for the cross-registered course by either institution, except that:
    1. If the home institution has an "overload" tuition policy it may charge additional tuition if the course is taken on an "overload" basis, or
    2. The host campus may charge special course fees (e.g. laboratory fees) if such fees apply to all students enrolled in the course.
  3. Students may not cross-register for a course that is offered on their own campus unless legitimate scheduling conflicts prevent taking it.
  4. Approval of both home and host campus registrars is mandatory.
  5. Cross-registered students are permitted on a "space available" basis. The host campus has the right to ensure that all of its own students have had an opportunity to enroll before accepting cross-registrants. Further, institutions have the right to exclude cross-registration in certain programs.
  6. Students are bound by host campus policies on such matters as auditing, class attendance, grading and add/drop procedures, deadlines, library use, standards of conduct, examinations, parking regulations, etc.
  7. Students wishing to drop or withdraw from a cross-registration course must have approval of both home and host campus registrars and complete all appropriate forms, particularly at the host campus.

Registration Procedures

  1. Student consults with home campus academic advisor and registrar to determine potential course's appropriateness and applicability to his/her academic program, and to verify course availability and host campus registration deadlines.
  2. Student obtains cross-registration form and secures signature from home campus registrar and is responsible for completing all items. Student then carries form to host campus registrar, secures host registrar's signature and, at that time, completes any host campus registration procedures.
  3. Host registrar sends copy of completed form to home registrar.
  4. Host campus instructor reports grade to host campus registrar.
  5. Host campus registrar reports grade to home campus registrar via transmittal of an official host campus transcript attached to the white Alliance form.
  6. Home campus registrar adds transcripted information to student's permanent academic record.
Questions about OAICU cross-registration can be directed to the Registrar's Office (503-554-2218 or registrar@georgefox.edu). Financial questions about OAICU cross-registration can be directed to Jenny Getsinger.