Declaring a Major

Declaration of Major/Minor/Concentration

Traditional undergraduate students may enroll at George Fox University with or without a specific major in mind. However, students must formally declare their major with the registrar. A first-year traditional undergraduate student should declare his or her major by the beginning of the second semester. The process is the same for the declaration or change of a minor or concentration.

Some departments have an application and screening process for admission to a major. In those cases, the declaration of major form is considered to be a statement of intent, and the process is complete only when the department admits the student to the major. Admission to the university does not imply automatic admission to a major. Admission to a major is normally accomplished no later than the end of the junior year, or before the completion of 90 credits.

Degree-completion and graduate students’ selection of major is completed during the admission process. Changing majors requires completion of the Petition to Change Degree Program or admission to the new program, depending on the nature of the change. Some programs also offer minors or require students to select a concentration within the major. Changes to minors or concentrations must be completed through the registrar’s office.