Justine Haigh

Justine Haigh, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Director of DBA Program



Office: Newberg Campus, Hoover 144

Office Hours: By appointment only

Justine Haigh holds a PhD in consumer behavior, with a focus on narrative theory (how consumers use storytelling to narrate their experiences and make sense of their lives), and is a professor at George Fox University within the school's DBA, part-time, and full-time MBA programs.
As a result of the strength of her research, Haigh has achieved a number of awards, as well as being published in journals and several newspapers and magazines. She is the unique combination of researcher, professor and practitioner, continually learning and researching to improve the wider community.
Haigh is highly engaged in the power of storytelling and consumer behavior, with a driving commitment to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. One of her key projects is assisting young adults with autism find creative and meaningful long-term work. Her concern for being involved in this project spans from firsthand experience as the parent of an autistic son, Daniel.

University Teaching Experience

  • Undergraduate: Marketing Communications, Principles of Advertising, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Contemporary Issues in Advertising and Marketing, Marketing Principles, and Contact Centre Marketing Management (at First Direct a telephone and Internet-based commercial bank in Leeds, England)
  • MBA/FT/Professor: Dissertation/Marketing Research Methodologies, Marketing Management, Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
  • DBA: Research Methods, Consumer Behavior, Marketing  

Education Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Consumer Behavior (2008), University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK
  • Master of Arts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1999), University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Sciences, (1994), University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK 

Prior Work Experience not in Education

  • Senior Research Assistant (2005–2006): Conducted quantitative study for the Cheshire County Council Road Safety Department exploring the impact of Driver Enhancement Courses on the attitudes and behaviors of young car drivers (University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK)
  • Research Assistant (2001-2002): Collaborated with the director of the University of Huddersfield’s Leisure Consumer Research Centre on the Motorcycle Industry Association Project investigating the perceptions, attitudes, and behavior of motorcycling participants (University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK) 
  • Staffing Consultant (1997-1998): Responsible for sourcing, identifying, and interviewing highly qualified, best-fit candidates for technical sales and marketing positions. Utilized and employed networking skills, industry research, job boards, and job fairs to expand candidate pipeline. Launched new staffing candidate database (Prospector). Oversaw all facets of managing Employee Referral Marketing Program. (National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, Calif.)
  • Sales Manager (1994-1997): Consistently exceeded corporate sales targets while leading and managing sales associates and retail operations for the district’s highest volume retail outlet. Motivated and inspired goal-driven sales team to achieve high levels of performance excellence by serving as a hands-on mentor, sponsoring storewide competitions, and by providing ongoing training. Drove significant increases in revenue by designing and launching marketing campaigns targeted at area OBGYN offices. (Motherhood, Santa Clara, Calif.) 

Professional Memberships

  • British Psychological Society (2013-Present)
  • Marketing Educators Association (2011-Present)
  • British Academy of Marketing (2001-2009)  

Professional Conferences/Workshops Attended  

  • Haigh, Justine (May 2006) Poster Presentation. “An Analysis of Risk Taking Behavior by Motorcyclists.” Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  


  • Haigh, Justine (wrote/provided input) and Freitag, Courtney (magazine editor) (July 2014) Specturms Magazine. Article on the collaboration between nonPareil Institute and George Fox University, March 2014 Game Programming Camp. Spectrums magazine is a specialized magazine dedicated to families living with autism in the Northwest.
  • Haigh, Justine (provided input) and Sara Kelm (journalist) (July 2014) George Fox Journal. Personal interest article featuring the collaboration between nonPareil Institute and George Fox University. The George Fox Journal is a specialized university magazine distributed to the George Fox community (families, students, and stakeholders).
  • Haigh, Justine (June 2014) Created the COB’s DBA brochure, “Transforming Business with Competence, Character, and Contribution.” Conducted qualitative research with DBA students to develop core themes/DBA program USP’s. The brochure is a key marketing tool for the George Fox University DBA program.
  • Haigh, Justine (provided input) and Gordon, Seth (Graphic reporter) (April 2014) “Game Programming Camp for Autistic Adults a Hit.” Newberg Graphic, p. A16.
  • Haigh, Justine (wrote PR) and Freitag, Courtney (magazine editor) (April 2013) “Training Educators on the Dangers of Wandering.” Specturms, p. 25-26. Worked with Dennis Debbaudt (2012/2013) the director of Autism Risk and Safety Management to produce production quality videos for schools on autism awareness. The collaboration was a key article in the April edition of Spectrums magazine.
  • Haigh, Justine and Halley, Ryan (April 2013) “Teaching Students to Develop a Personal Professional Brand.” Marketing Educators Association Conference Proceedings, Portland, Oregon.
  • Haigh, Justine and Halley, Ryan (April 2013) Created UG brochure “Beyond Business; the Transformative Power of Business Degree from George Fox University.” Conducted qualitative research with UG students, alumni, and stakeholders to develop core themes/UG program USP’s. The brochure is a key marketing tool for the George Fox University UG program.
  • Haigh, Justine, Nemetz, Annette, and Sepich, Debora (April 2012) “Real World Project Integration into the Classroom; Actively Engaging with Entrepreneurs and Local Small Business for Future Student Placements and Internships.” Marketing Educators Association Conference Proceedings, Long Beach, Calif. 
  • Haigh, Justine (July 2009) “Exploring the Problems Experienced by People with Swallowing Difficulties in Order to Build a Long-term Unique Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Rosemont Pharmaceuticals within the Liquid Medicine Market Sector.” Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings, Leeds Met University, Leeds, England.
  • Haigh, Justine (July 2007) “Developing Personalized Measures to Reduce Young Driver Casualties.” Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings, Kingston Business School, Kingston University, Kingston on Thames, England.
  • Haigh, Justine (July 2005) “Interpreting Motorcycling Through it’s Embodiment in Life Story Narratives.” Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.21:5-6. Western Publishers.
  • Haigh, Justine (July 2003) “Interpreting Spectacular Consumption Sites.” Competitive Paper. Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings, Aston University, Birmingham, England.
  • Haigh, Justine (July 2001) “Consumption of Edgework Experience.” Working Paper. Academy of Marketing Conference Proceedings, Cardiff University, Cardiff, England.  

Other Research Activity  (Working Papers, Work in Progress, Papers Under Review)

  • Haigh, Justine (seeking publication) “nonPareil Institute; Improving Crewmembers Technical Skills, Interpersonal Abilities, and Quality of Life.” Possible journals titles include: Qualitative Research, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, and Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Helped Autism Risk and Safety Management to produce production quality videos for schools on autism awareness. The goal is to incorporate the materials into school in-service training days at the beginning of the 2014/15 school year in Oregon and then nationwide.

Professional Growth Activities (Training, Courses Taken, Seminars in Pedagogy)

  • Joined the George Fox University Faculty Women’s Leadership Development 2012- 2013 cohort. The WLDI aims to develop leadership potential and skills among women who are employed by George Fox University. Participated in on-line dialogues, monthly group gatherings, and individual mentor-mentee meetings. The course specifically focused on leadership development within the context of Christian higher education.
  • Participated in the George Fox University Faculty Learning Community on Developing Global and Cultural Competency (2011-2012). The purpose of the faculty learning community is to create a space for meaningful dialogue to assist professors in personal and professional development in the area of cultural competency.
  • Attended the Marketing Educators Association Conference (April 2010) San Diego, CA.
  • Participated in the George Fox University Second Year Professional Learning Community (2010-2011).
  • Attended a variety of conferences to keep up to date with the latest qualitative research methods including the Narrative Memory and Everyday Life Conference (2005) as well as the Narrative Memory and Life Transitions Conference (2003), both held in the Behavioural Sciences Department at the University of Huddersfield.
  • Attended and presented at a variety of marketing conferences (2001-2009). 
  • Took (MA) courses in Social Research and Evaluation in the Behavioral Sciences Dept. at the University of Huddersfield during PhD studies in order to gain the skills to carry out a range of social research (2002). 
  • Completed a variety of computer courses including; MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Manpower, Santa Clara (1998).

Professional Presentations/Seminars Conducted for Business and Industry  

  • Haigh, Justine (June 2014) Invited Speaker. “nonPareil Institute; Improving Crewmembers Technical Skills, Interpersonal Abilities, and Quality of Life.” George Fox University DBA Market Research class, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Haigh, Justine (April 2014) Invited Speaker. “Synapse - Fusing Faith and Way.” George Fox University Chapel, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Haigh, Justine (June 2013) Invited Speaker. “Authentic Story Telling.” Newberg Chamber of Commerce, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Haigh, Justine (2012) Invited Speaker. “Authentic Story Telling.” Portfolio Readiness Class, Design Department, George Fox University.
  • Haigh, Justine (June 2010) Invited Speaker. “Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, What About the Consumer? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Ethical Consumer Behavior.” George Fox University Speaker Series. The Grand Hotel, Bridgeport.
  • Haigh, Justine (June 2007) Invited Speaker. “A Qualitative Approach for Developing Effective Measure to Reduce Road Casualties.” Presented to Aston University Young Driver Casualty Conference. Aston University, Birmingham, England.
  • Haigh, Justine (Oct 2005) Keynote Speaker - Local Authority Road Safety Officer’s Association. “The Ongoing Reflexive Nature of Motorcycling Participation.” Leeds City Hall, Leeds, England.
  • Haigh, Justine (May 2003) Research Findings Presentation. Leisure Consumer Research Centre. University of Huddersfield Business School. Huddersfield, England.

Institutional Services Performed (Committees, Advising, Projects)

  • Planned and organized the second annual Doctoral Colloquium (June  2014), George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Member of the Org Comm Search Committee (Spring 2014), George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Member of the Provost Search Committee (Fall 2013), George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Third Year Review Committee. Committee member for Department of Biology and Chemistry candidate (Fall 2013), George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Have Commencement Invocation (December 2013), George Fox University Commencement Ceremony, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Helped lead a number of P/T MBA information sessions (2013-2014), George Fox University, Tigard, Oregon.
  • Academic Standing Committee Member (2012-Present) George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • DBA Committee Member (2009-Present) George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • DBA Dissertation Supervisor (2010-Present) Currently chairing three George Fox DBA students and on the committee of a third.
  • DBA Dissertation Supervisor (2013-2014) Graduated two George Fox University DBA students.
  • DBA External Dissertation Supervisor (Spring 2014) Graduated DBA student from Creighton University, NE.
  • Planned and organized the first annual Doctoral Colloquium (June 2013), George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Guide F/T MBA (2010-Present) Student research projects for Market Research Module. George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon.
  • Conference Co-Chair Academy of Marketing Conference (July 2009) Leeds Met University, Leeds, England.
  • PhD Supervisor (2008) Exploring the Impact of Corporate Branding and Nostalgia for Long-term Organizational Profitability and Future Marketing Action. (Student research for UK-based company Fox’s Biscuits).
  • MBA and MSc dissertation supervision (2003-2009)
  • Member of the Leisure Consumer Research Group a research unit within the University of Huddersfield Business School which conducts postgraduate research into adventurous leisure activities. (2001 – 2007).

Recognition and Honors

  • Woman Scholar of the Year, British Federation of Women Graduates (2004).
  • Best Paper for Consumer Human Behavior (2003) Academy of Marketing Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
  • Academic Scholarships for PhD and Master’s Degrees, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK 

Professionally Related Community Activities

  • Volunteer Business Engagement Director (2013-Present). Work with nonPareil Institute to help extend its brand to the Northwest. nonPareil is a Texas based non-profit technology company, intent on finding meaningful employment opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum.
  • Created an on-line Indiegogo fund-raising campaign.
  • Helped establish nonPareil Portland website and Facebook page.
  • Teamed up with CENG at George Fox University to host a game programming camp. The founder of nonPareil Institute came to George Fox to teach camp along with two of his student/staff trainers.
  • Helped produce a game programming camp video for fund-raising purposes. Includes interviews with key nP stakeholders; nP founder Dan Selec, nP student/staff trainers, families, and game camp students.
  • Created partnerships with schools, other institutions of higher education, autism support groups, autism services, and a variety of active industry partners in order to create a network of opportunities for those affected with ASD in the Northwest.
  • Branding and Marketing Consultant (2011-Present). Work with brand consultant Charlena Miller and logo designer Ashley Lippard, to assist a variety of for profit and not-for-profit organizations in the areas of brand development and marketing communications.

Advisory Board Memberships

  • Advisory board member for Equality Funds Portland, LLC, a company that advances equality for the LGBT community through investment and entrepreneurial persuasion (2012-present).
  • Advisory board member for PT/MBA community consulting project, McCall College Program for Students with Autism, McCall, Idaho (2013-present).
  • Volunteer Parent Governor at Longley School for pupils with learning difficulties (2003 – 2008).