Jekabs Bikis

Jekabs Bikis, PhD

Dean, College of Business


Office: Hoover 143

Office Hours: By appointment only

Jekabs Bikis began work as dean of the College of Business in the summer of 2017. Previously, he served as chair of the Business Administration Department at LCC International University in Lithuania for three years. Before that, he spent eight and a half years at Dallas Baptist University, serving as an assistant and associate professor of business, in addition to working in a number of administrative roles, including as faculty liaison for service learning (2007-09), director of hybrid education (2009-11), interim dean of the College of Business (2011-12), and dean of online education (2012-14). In all, he arrived with 14 years of teaching and administrative experience.

Bikis earned a PhD in public policy and political economy from the University of Texas at Dallas (2011), an MDiv in theology from Baylor University (2005), an MBA in international business from Dallas Baptist University (2001) and a bachelor of business administration in finance from Dallas Baptist (1999). While in Dallas, he was also on the board of the Dallas-Fort Worth Association for Business Economics, serving as president in 2013. 

Professor Bikis Teaches:

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Global Political Economy
  • International Trade
  • International Economics
  • Business Research Thesis
  • Business Plan


  • PhD, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • MDiv, Baylor University
  • MBA, Dallas Baptist University

Professional Memberships

  • Past board member and president of the Dallas Fort Worth Association for Business Economics
  • Past board member of Klaipeda International Business Club (Lithuania)

Research, Publications, Book Reviews, Presentations, Participation

  • Author and presenter.  Bikis, J. (2018, June). Perceived Value of ACBSP accreditation among George Fox University graduate business students. Poster presented at the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) 2018 national conference, Kansas City, Missouri. (Recipient of "Best poster session of 2018 ACBSP conference" award)
  • Speaker, “Lithuanian Economy in 2017”, LCC International University (with students and faculty from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, May 10, 2017, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Baccalaureate Speaker, LCC International University, April 29, 2017.
  • Participant, “Health and Human Flourishing: LCC Academic Conference”, Klaipeda, Lithuania, March 24-25, 2017.
  • Participant, AEI Values and Capitalism Faculty planning retreat, San Antonio, Texas, January 13-15, 2017.
  • Participant, Free Market Forum, October 13-15, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia, Indiana
  • Participant, American Enterprise Institute Values and Capitalism Faculty Conference, June 10-12, 2016. Washington DC.
  • Participant, “Global business: are all competitiveness opportunities being exploited?”, a business conference, May 21-22, 2016, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Organizer and panelist, “Global Economic Freedom and the Baltic Situation”; Riga, Latvia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Tallinn, Estonia, Tbilisi, Georgia. March 22-29, 2016.
  • Participant, “How to Create a Silicon Valley in Lithuania”, Free Market Roadshow academic conference, May 19, 2016. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Speaker, “Lithuanian Economy in 2016”, LCC International Business Carousel with Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Netherlands), October 26, 2015, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Realistic Analysis of Economics, Lithuania Free Market Institute, December 4, 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Global Leadership Summit 2015, November 20-21, 2015, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Efficient Consumer Response Baltic 2015 Riga Forum, November 12, Riga, Latvia.
  • Participant, “Using Internal Communication to Improve Financial Results”, October 7, 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Participant, “Think Tank Startup Training”, European Academy for Intellectual Entrepreneurs and Lithuanian Free Market Institute, June 18-20, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Speaker, “Lithuanian Economy in 2015”, LCC International Business Carousel with Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Netherlands), June 9, 2015, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, 2015 Christian Business Faculty Association Annual Conference “Business Excellence in a Changing Global Environment”, October 29-31, 2015, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Participant, Management training “Virtuous Leadership with Alexandre Havard”, Kulturos Fabrika, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, LCC Academic Conference "Values-based education", March 25-28, 2015, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, “Linking Open Access Research Publications with Open Research Data”, Kaunas Technical University, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • Speaker. Bikis, J. (2015). Lithuanian Economy in 2015. Lithuanian Economy in 2015 and Economic Freedom and Economic Growth in Perspective. Klaipeda: LCC International University.
  • Participant, American Enterprise Institute Values and Capitalism Faculty Conference, January 16-18, 2015. San Diego, California.
  • Participant, International Forum on Innovation and Research Development, S2B – Science to Business: Research, Knowledge, Innovations. November 19-20, 2014, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, American Chamber of Commerce Roundtable Discussion on Youth Entrepreneurship. November 18, 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Global Leadership Summit. November 14-15, 2014, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Speaker, “Peer-reviewed articles as course reading packets – a course case study at LCC International University”, conference presentation, Lietuvos Moksliniu Biblioteku Asociacija, Vilnius, Lithuania, November 2014.
  • Thesis defense committee Chair, ISM University of Management and Economics, Master of Financial Economics Final Thesis defenses, June 4, 2014. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Free Market Forum, October 23-25, 2014. Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Participant, Seminaras Savianalizes suvestiniu rengejams, SKVC, May 23, 2014. Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, 2014 LCC Annual Academic Conference, “Demography, Multiculturalism, Citizenship”, April 4-5, 2015. Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  • Participant, Conference “Management innovation – what drives company’s success?”, February 6, 2014. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Author and presenter.  Bikis, J. (2013). Does Course-work Modality Impact Business Student Exit Exam Scores: a Quantitative Analysis. Galveston: Texas Distance Learning Association.
  • Speaker, “Blackboard and Emergency preparation”, conference presentation, Texas Blackboard Users Group Annual Conference, October 2012.
  • Book Review, Herman, Arthur. “Freedom's Forge: How American Business Built the Arsenal of Democracy That Won World War II”; book review; Library Journal, June 15, 2012.
  • Author. Bikis, J. (2011). Efficiency of the welfare state: A comparative approach using data envelopment analysis. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS (Ph.D. Dissertation)._____
  • Speaker, “Outlook for the Texas and the US Economy”; Presentation to the Texas Self Storage Association conference, September 2011.
  • Book Review, Koesterich, Russ. “The ten trillion dollar gamble: the coming deficit debacle and how to invest now"; book review, Library Journal, 2011.
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  • Author. Shelton, K., Saltsman, G., & Bikis, J. (2006). Can A True Faith-Based Education Be Delivered Online?. Journal of Biblical Integration in Business, 11(3).