Ron Mock

Ron Mock, JD

Professor of Politics and Peace Studies

Prelaw Advisor

Director of the Politics Program

Chair, Department of History, Sociology, and Politics



Ron has been at George Fox since 1985. Prior to his arrival, he taught legal writing at the University of Detroit Law School and was the founding director of the Christian Conciliation Service of Southeastern Michigan.

Ron received his BA in history and political science/international studies from George Fox University, an MPA from Drake University, and a JD from the University of Michigan. After three years, he left the practice of law to pursue two callings: teaching and promoting Christian peacemaking at all levels, from interpersonal conflict to international conflict.

Ron joined George Fox's Center for Peace Learning (now called the Center for Peace & Justice) as assistant director in 1985, becoming the director in 1990. Ron edited The Roleplay Book (2nd Ed, 1997) as part of his work training people to do mediation in church and community settings. Ron has led student study or service trips to Haiti, Guatemala, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, France, and England; has visited Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Holland, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, and South Korea in pursuit of his research and scholarly interests; and has visited Vietnam, India, Australia, and (as of March 2014) Senegal for family reasons.

In the 1990s, his teaching responsibilities began to range widely, including undergraduate courses in political science, history, communications, business law, and a graduate course in business law and ethics. From 1991 to 2006 he directed the university’s honors program. In 2003, he left the Center for Peace Learning to lead the start-up of the university’s senior liberal arts capstone course. In addition to capstone courses, Ron’s current teaching load also includes Conflict Resolution, Community Mediation, Peace Theory, State and Local Government, Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law. Ron was also the Liberal Arts and Critical Issues (LACI) Director for the 2016-17 academic year. 

Ron’s book, Loving Without Giving In: Christian Responses to Terrorism and Tyranny (Cascadia Press, 2004), analyzes Scripture as well as the best thinking of peace scholars to suggest ways for believers to respond to the challenges they face after 9/11. He also collaborated with others to coauthor When The Rain Returns: Toward Justice and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine (AFSC, 2005), a study highlighting Quaker responses to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has completed writing Pacifism Under Pressure, a book explaining the moral dilemmas of pacifism, currently awaiting publication. In 2012, Ron wrote a business law textbook for use in his own class, having done similar writing for the senior liberal arts capstone course.

Ron served for 14 years (1995-2009) on the board of Your Community Mediators of Yamhill County; 12 years (2001–13) on the Dundee Planning Commission; and seven years (2004–11) as the recording clerk for the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, the regional evangelical Quaker governing body. Ron was appointed in 2012 to a seat on the Newberg School Board, and retained that seat in the May 2013 election.