Undergraduate Research

Our students have ample opportunity to engage in research projects with experienced faculty.  Their research results are typically presented at regional conferences, including the Murdock College Science Research Program and the Oregon Academy of Science.  

Deep Neural Networks for Brain–Computer Interface-Based Prosthesis Control*
Student: Thomas Noel, computer and electrical engineering
Faculty: Brian Snider
Support: Richter Scholars Program
*Published in Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2019

Analysis of Field Collected Data for a Prototype Photovoltaic System in Nauta, Peru*
Student: Kyler Stephens, electrical engineering
Faculty: Chad Stillinger
Support: USDA Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grant
*Published in Proceedings of the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference with Joel McGee of JungleMaster Ministries, 2019

Flux switching prototype

Magnetic Battery Feasibility Study Using Flux Switching Topology*
Student: Andrew Janzen, electrical engineering
Faculty: John Natzke
Support: Richter Scholars Program
*Published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, June 2015

Identifying Numerical Oscillations in Parabolic Differential Equations
Student: Mitchell Main, mathematics
Faculty: Corban Harwood
Support: Holman Fund

Tackling Distributed Computing with EDGAR - Easy Distributed Grid Architecture for Research*
Student: Michael Vandeberg, computer science
Faculty: Brent Wilson
Support: Richter Scholars Program
*Published in Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2015

Improving Motor Efficiency with the Use of Back-Electromotive Force Recapture
Student: Andrew Janzen, electrical engineering
Faculty: John Natzke
Support: Richter Scholars Program

An Economic Analysis of Climate Change Impact on the Pinot Noir Wine Industry in the Willamette Valley
Student: Gustavo Moreno-Vela, civil engineering
Faculty: Patrick Ray
Support: Richter Scholars Program

Improvements on the Source Boundary Condition in the Electromagnetic Finite Difference Time Domain Method
Student: Derek Swanson, electrical engineering
Faculty: John Natzke
Support: Holman Fund

Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’: An Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Golf Drivers
Student: Ryan Stokke, mechanical engineering
Faculty: Mike Magill
Support: Richter Scholars Program

Numerical Study of the Damping of Alfven Solitons
Student: Steven Libby, computer science
Faculty: Bob Hamilton
Support: Richter Scholars Program
Summary: The goal of the research is to study the interactions between dark solitons in the presence of dissipation.

Soliton train